peace and joy #1

what is abstract art?

This question been asked by almost every generation from more than 100 years and none of the answers are the same and that is exactly what it supposed to be.

as an artist i find it hard to define abstract art in a few simple words or phrases but i definitely can describe the process while i am making abstract art where i am joyful arranging and playing with lines, shapes and colors to create that beautiful image to look at and enjoy

my philosophy in art and in abstract art in particular is always about the positive message. I believe art in general is visual and it should send a  message of positive energy, happiness and beauty to the viewers .

in the end i can not find  better answer to the question what is abstract art ? than to quote a 3 fellow artists who i think they expressed beautifly what i feel about abstract art.

“For me ‘abstraction’ is not an art movement, a moment in art history or a style of painting. It is a crucial integral connector to the vitality of painting. What is extraordinary for me is that as I go out past what I know—past where I am controlling what I do—to find coherency and form. Contact with this wordless coherency, the gift of form is a profound homecoming.” —Timothy Hawkeswort

“I want to express a certain feeling and emotion by creating an entire environment for the viewer to walk into or observe from afar. I use materials in a direct and simple way, not transforming or altering them greatly from their natural state. Why? I prefer to keep my pieces as broad and non-objective as possible to allow the viewer to bring in their own interpretations drawn from their own experiences.”  —Chris Nelson

“When I am engaged in art making I am fully caught up in the medium and tools and mission. I’ve learned not to think about the product that I will end up with because the time spent engaged in the creative activity is what is most important to me. I enjoy the detached feeling I get when working in the abstract—it’s like a dance with my hand and my mind and they take turns leading.” — Janet Stupak


peace and joy #1



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