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Celebrity portrait art

"Marilyn Monroe" colorful wall art portrait by artist Habib ayat

from Marilyn to Statue of liberty

the history of celebrity portrait art so deep & artists  around the globe and throughout the history painted portraits of well known people and famous celebrities & icons each with their own style. my approach to the subject of celebrity portrait art was through my own modern style where color and brush strokes are my tools in the process .

each of the celebrities and icons portrait i painted symbolize something been famous or known for from Marilyn monroe to the lady liberty “statue of liberty”

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browse dozen of celebrity portraits art prints and originals from Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and the iconic Statue of liberty  and purchase wall art prints on canvas, acrylic, wood, metal, and framed to enhance your home or office decor with 100% satisfaction guarantee 

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Liberty in color

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Liberty in colors comes in a variety of custom wall art prints you can choose from 6 options to decorate your home and beautify your office with 100% satisfaction guarantee

"liberty in color" canvas wall art print by artist Habib Ayat

canvas print

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framed print

Metal print

"liberty in color" canvas wall art print by artist Habib Ayat

Acrylic print

"Liberty in color" wood art print by artist Habib Ayat

Wood print

"liberty in color" wall art poster by artist Habib AYAT

Poster print