Cityscape colorful wall art

NYC in orange cityscape painting on canvas by artist Habib Ayat

Our love for the cityscape

many artists throughout the art history painted the city and created cityscape wall art each with his own perspective and style.

 my own started from my love of New York City where i found my inspiration for painting the cityscape

 i was always fascinated  by NYC skyline and it’s beautiful Landmarks buildings and its constant energy  and vibrancy  no wonder it’s called the city that never sleeps and as an artist i fell in love with Ney York city from the first time i step my foot on it i always feel like i am on a movie set every time i walk through the streets of Manhattan and i often felt like i am walking into a big museum surrounded by skyline buildings and numerous man made art deco


i find in Manhattan skyline a great source of inspiration in my cityscape art painting and photography with its different form and shapes

 And as comlex the city may seems i try through my style to simplify it and make it playful with an abstracted colorful lines where its landmark icons stands as one of the most beautiful art deco of all times and the Chrysler building is one of the great example

 it is a piece of art that stands by itself 

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cityscape painting named view from 34th st

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