About The Artist


Tunisian American artist Habib Ayat has a BA in Art, Literature and Human Sciences .and studied fine art at the art student league of new York in new York city . An abstract, figurative, and cityscape painter often blurring the line between the three.Habib’s art work is both innovative and commanding,infused with vibrancy,texture,and rich color.all of which captures an essence of love,peace,romance, desire,sensuality and beauty.Habib Ayat has drawn much inspiration from his Mediterranean roots from the bright blues of the roof tops to the whitewashed walls of homes and the lush green leaves of the olive trees, he was moved by the vibrancy of the colors that filled his world.Habib ayat has established a collector base all over the world  in the United States and internationally including collectors in France, Italy, Germany, England, New Zealand, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Brazil……..


 I make paintings that are dynamic, vibrant  in color, and abstract in nature. My work spins around the use of color as a universal  expression of human feeling and emotions. For me, the color could be a dialect unto itself, a dialect that gives me the opportunity to investigate a boundless number of subjects utilizing my color focal point as a beginning point. My work is approximately in color and form.I have an extraordinary enthusiasm for color, line, and composition. I have never truly gulped the thought of following the rules when it comes to art and craftsmanship. it never appeared to be an inventive choice. I realized that what i need is to truly express my art in my own way. testing and attempting other ways has kept me energized and excited about working as a craftsman and artist. knowing my normal propensities and tolerating myself as i am has made all the differences in my journey.



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