"artist Habib ayat with his four seasons painting"


An abstract,figurative,and cityscape painter Habib Ayat often blurring the line between the three,Habib ayat's art work is both innovative and commanding,infused with vibrancy,texture,and rich color.all of which captures an essence of love,peace,sensuality,romance, desire and beauty.

Habib Ayat works in acrylics, oils pastels, and mixed media blending his colors to create softness in his pieces. He depicts a number of subject matters from figuratives to abstracts. Combining old-world subjects with contemporary impressionistic technique, he produces a modern appeal that is both innovative and commanding. In his work, colors stand as a real subject by creating a new tool of communication and expression call it(the language of colors )
and gives insight into himself through his brushwork and use of color.

3Artist Habib Ayat in action at his Hoboken art studio"


a series of celebrities portraits that had an impact on this world that we living in, with an abstracted and expressive style intended to be interactive with the viewers and art lovers..


"love is the answer"  a colorful,abstracted  paintings  revolved around the theme of love and human emotions treated  with vibrant and a universal language of colors 

Childhood art

 A series of paintings about children playing different sport activities that goes deep into my childhood memories and my love for kids art and their innocent style


A collection of colorful  abstract paintings where lines,forms shapes and colors transformed into a visual and universal language of happiness and positive energy....


New york city cityscapes with its great architecture and landmarks buildings is one of my greatest inspiration...

Wall prints

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